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A Few Facts About Those Landman Job Websites

I know you've seen those websites out there like,, and LandNews.  You might be wondering why you can't just get job listings from those websites and find brokers who want to hire you that way.  Let me share a few facts with you:           

  • Many Times Those Job Postings Are Fake!  They Just Want To Collect Resumes!
  • Job Postings To Those Websites Can Receive Several Hundred Submissions In a Day!
  • Public Job Postings Are Among the Lowest Paying!
  • You Might Be Submitting Your Resume To A Bad Broker!  (They Are Often Blind Ads)

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It appears that you have compiled a strong list of brokers. I can say with all sincerity the value exceeds the cost.

Matthew Galipp
Petroleum Landman

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Comprehesnive Brokers List

Thanks for offering your list of landman brokers!  While there were several on the list that I knew of, I found many new brokers on the list I neve heard about.  I'm happy to report that I'm back working!

Michael Redfork
Landman Broker Database

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